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Software for XTM 25 and 26

Fireware v12.1.3 Update 2
Operating System Files

Fireware 12.1.3 Update 2

Released 02/04/2019 · SHA1 0e98c857a7fa83ef6c0b6f59f6d2b46ccef3041d

Fireware 12.1.3 Update 2 Sysa-dl for OS updates from the Web UI

Released 02/04/2019 · SHA1 ef64a5a787fb1b93308844c1b68f49bbcb5c3b5e

Management, Logging, Reporting Software

WatchGuard System Manager 12.5.1

Released 09/10/2019 · SHA1 0139e8042688b27f2b496d9ca69b1a4eea11c499

WatchGuard System Manager 12.1.3

Released 05/29/2018 · SHA1 046f699157bdee3f3378107906882565453451ff

Latest Dimension Software

Released 03/14/2019

Use this link to get Dimension -- a cloud-ready logging, reporting, and network security visibility solution for your Firebox. Get access to real-time dashboards and more than 100 comprehensive reports.

WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL Software

Mobile VPN with SSL 12.2 for Windows

Released 07/30/2018 · SHA1 bd3ef2d563318978a2ba6a2e02b4469c25e851d9

Mobile VPN with SSL 12.5.2 for macOS

Released 11/11/2019 · SHA1 3c681b12cb55c4715774ec7feb2269e1263a46fe

Mobile VPN with IPSec Software

WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN Client 14.00 (32-bit) — Provided by NCP

Released 09/10/2019 · SHA1 efc55242a9f7206e98f300e632b2662e800dafd6

License required for this premium client. 30 day free trial available with download.

WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN Client for macOS v4.0 (64-bit) — Provided by NCP

Released 11/11/2019 · SHA1 038a0f6a7ab22c4cf77fcb46cc82e0b0daf7f1b4

License required for this premium client. 30 day free trial available with download.

WatchGuard Mobile VPN License Server (MVLS) v2.0 — Provided by NCP

Released 11/25/2014 · SHA1 72ab96d52af19db429e1196ca47397c22057ee80

For Windows Server 2003 or higher. See

WatchGuard® Single Sign-On (SSO) Agent & Client Software

Authentication Gateway 12.4

Released 04/04/2019 · SHA1 ed6c658c91a20068392b8c7cd15d21e9ecefbce4

Single Sign-On Client 12.3 For Windows

Released 11/28/2018 · SHA1 d4fe74a257d6c553be40f4f6143948cdcabae871

Single Sign-On Client 12.5.2 for macOS

Released 11/11/2019 · SHA1 66af9888112c4871d37fc7d1be320bf924482845

Single Sign-On Exchange Monitor 32 bit 12.0

Released 09/11/2017 · SHA1 0b23e1a7ae384a6144f947420954d2701554f562

Single Sign-On Exchange Monitor 64-bit 12.0

Released 09/11/2017 · SHA1 d0f9f50e20ca4a57b88498e67f823c6c352d34bc

WatchGuard® Terminal Services Agent Software

Terminal Services 32/64 bit 11.12

Released 11/17/2016 · SHA1 da9e4f18d292013cc138fd92e1df3d8c25e46117

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XTM 25 and 26

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Updated macOS Software

The macOS versions of SSL and IPSec Mobile VPN software, as well as the SSO client, have been updated in advance of Fireware v12.5.2. These new versions supports macOS High Sierra 10.13 through Catalina 10.15. See this KB article for more information. 

Updated Software Files
Although it is not possible to install Fireware v12.2.x on XTM appliances, you can continue to take advantage of updates to WatchGuard System Manager, Mobile VPN, etc. If updated software is available and has been tested with your XTM appliance, you can find it here.

Upgrade Requirements
Your Firebox must be running Fireware v11.7.5, v11.8.4, v11.9.x, or v11.10.x before you upgrade to Fireware v11.12.x or v12.x. See the Release Notes for more information.

Get WatchGuard Dimension
With WatchGuard Dimension, you can monitor and report on the security of your network. Go here to download Dimension installation and upgrade files.

About WSM Versions
If you use WatchGuard System Manager (WSM), make sure your WSM version is equal to or higher than the version of Fireware installed on your Firebox or XTM device and the version of WSM installed on your Management Server.