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 Firebox cannot register with WatchGuard Cloud and Web UI does not load

Products: WatchGuard Cloud
Products: Firebox & XTM
Operating System: 12.5.x
Issue Status: Resolved
Tracking ID: FBX-19211, FBX-18974
Status: Resolved
Resolved In: 12.5.3 Update 1

When you try to enable WatchGuard Cloud on a Firebox, the registration fails and these symptoms occur:

  • In Fireware Web UI, the Front Panel does not load.
  • In Firebox System Manager, the Status Report tab shows the WatchGuard Cloud Status as 'status unavailable'.

This issue occurs when you try to enable WatchGuard Cloud after you generate a support.tgz file, or use the CLI to run the command “diagnose hardware tpm”.

If the workaround below does not resolve the issue, the registration failure might be caused by another issue. For more information, see

Upgrade to Fireware 12.5.3 U1 or higher.

Alternate workaround (does not require an upgrade)

To avoid this issue and enable the Firebox to register:

  1. In WatchGuard Cloud, remove the Firebox from the WatchGuard Cloud account. 
  2. Reboot the Firebox. 
  3. In WatchGuard Cloud, add the Firebox.
  4. In Fireware Web UI, select System > WatchGuard Cloud, and click Save.