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 Access Portal RDP connection window is small

Products: Firebox Cloud
Products: Firebox & XTM
Operating System: 12.6.x
Operating System: 12.5.x
Issue Status: Resolved
Tracking ID: FBX-17866
Status: Resolved
Resolved In: Fireware v12.6.2
The Access Portal RDP connection does not display at full browser window size if your host computer's Display settings for Scale and Layout are set to a value other than 100%. 

Depending on the size of your host computer's display, the recommended Scale and Layout setting is not always 100%. In this case, when you open an Access Portal RDP connection in a browser, the RDP window is small and cannot expand to the full browser window size.
The only workaround is to set your compter's Display Scale and Layout settings to 100% before you open the Access Portal RDP connection. On some computers you may be able to return the settings to their original values after the RDP connection is established.