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 Command line access for legacy AP100, AP102, AP200, and AP300

How can I access an AP100, AP102, AP200, or AP300 now that the local Web UI is no longer available?
After an AP is paired locally to the Gateway Wireless Controller on a WatchGuard Firebox, you can use SSH to connect to the command line interface (CLI) of the AP and perform some basic commands.

To use the CLI, your Firebox must be running v12.2 or higher, and your APs must use these firmware versions:
  • AP100, AP102, AP200 - or higher
  • AP300 - or higher
To connect to the CLI of an AP:
  1. Open an SSH application.
  2. Connect to the IP address of the AP.
  3. Type the user name config.
  4. Type the AP passphrase. This is the passphrase configured in the Gateway Wireless Controller settings. Your AP must already be paired to the Gateway Wireless Controller to be configured with this passphrase.
Use can use these AP CLI  commands:
  • help - Display the help page.
  • reboot - Reboot the AP.
  • sysinfo - Display system information including the serial number, device name, and MAC address.
  • factory_default - Reset the AP to factory default settings.
  • logout - Log out of the AP command line interface.