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 Use Wi-Fi Cloud Discover email alerts with PSA (Professional Service Automation) tools

How do I integrate Wi-Fi Cloud Discover's email alert system with third-party PSA (Professional Service Automation) tools such as ConnectWise, Autotask, and Tigerpaw?
An alert in Discover notifies you of an event that impacts your Wi-Fi network. You can customize the thresholds for each type of event that generates alerts. For detailed information on how to configure alerts in Discover, see Configure Alerts in the Discover help. 

There are three methods for alert notification in Discover:
  • Email — An email about the alert is sent to the recipients configured in the Email Recipients tab of the Alerts configuration page.
  • Display — The alert is displayed on the Monitor > Alerts page and on the respective widgets in Discover.
  • Syslog — Discover sends alert events to the syslog servers configured in System > Third-party Servers > Syslog.
With the Email notification method, you can send alert email notifications to an administrator, or you can also utilize automatic email ticketing services within PSA tools such as ConnectWise, Autotask, and Tigerpaw. This enables you to automatically have a service ticket created when an alert email about your Wi-Fi network is generated by Discover. 

You can automate the ticket creation process with the Email Connector so that email alert notifications from Discover can be automatically be pushed to a service board. To configure the ConnectWise Email Connector, see Email Connector Setup Table in the ConnectWise help.

If you use Autotask PSA in conjunction with Autotask Workplace Manager, you can set up your support email address so that PSA tickets are created automatically when a Workplace client sends you a support email. For detailed information on how to configure Autotask for automatic ticket creation from email notifications, see Configure Automatic Ticket Creation for AWP Manager in the Autotask help.

The Tigerpaw Email Connector is a Windows service that monitors multiple IMAP or POP3-enabled email addresses for incoming service requests, then processes these email service requests to create service tickets, service order notes or email requests on the dispatch board. For details on how to configure the Tigerpaw Email Connector, see the Email Connector User Guide in the Tigerpaw help.