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 No Internet Access (Yellow Triangle) with DNSWatchGO

Why do I see a yellow triangle in the Windows task bar that indicates "no Internet access" after I install the DNSWatchGO Client, but I can get to the Internet?

After the DNSWatchGO Client is installed, end users can sometimes see Windows incorrectly display a "No Internet Access" or "Limited Internet Access" warning when the computer has full Internet access. This is a limitation in Microsoft's Network Connectivity Status Indicator feature. This can be a problem because some Microsoft applications, such as Outlook, Office 365, Skype, or OneDrive, might not try to connect when this warning is displayed, even if Internet access is available. 

For additional information from Microsoft about this issue, see

If you see the yellow warning triangle and also have symptoms of an Internet connectivity problem, such as DNS query failure, latency, or websites that do not load, it is important to troubleshoot the problem or contact technical support.