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 Enable users to use printers over a VPN


In many networks, users that connect over Mobile VPN or Branch Office VPN cannot use network accessible printers.

When a local user tries to connect to a printer, their computer uses broadcast traffic to discover local network printers. In most VPN scenarios, network printers never receive broadcast traffic from a client computer and discovery fails.

Use one of these options to enable a client computer to connect to a network printer:

Option 1 -- Connect to the printer by IP address or DNS name

If your printer has a static IP address, or an FQDN that resolves to the IP address of the printer, you can configure the client computer to connect to the printer.

Option 2 -- Use Mobile VPN with SSL with Bridge VPN Traffic option

If you configure Mobile VPN with SSL to use the Bridge VPN Traffic option, your VPN clients receive IP addresses within the local network you specify in your configuration and can send broadcast traffic to that local network.