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 APs with expired Wi-Fi Cloud Trial licenses are removed from Wi-Fi Cloud

On May 19 2020,  WatchGuard introduced new license requirements for APs managed in Wi-Fi Cloud. All WatchGuard APs managed by Wi-Fi Cloud must have an active Secure Wi-Fi or Total Wi-Fi license subscription. For more information on AP licensing in Wi-Fi Cloud, see Wi-Fi Cloud AP License Subscriptions.

For Wi-Fi Cloud trial licenses, it was previously possible to continue to manage those APs in Wi-Fi Cloud after the trial license expired. 

After May 19 2020, any APs that do not have a current Total Wi-Fi or Secure Wi-Fi Cloud AP license are removed from Wi-Fi Cloud. The APs continue to broadcast SSIDs and allow wireless access to the network based on the most recent configuration applied to the AP, but you cannot perform further configuration or software updates to an expired AP. In addition, you will not be able to monitor the AP. 
To continue to manage your AP with Wi-Fi Cloud, you must purchase a Total or Secure Wi-Fi license if your license is expired, or convert your existing Basic Wi-Fi license with expired Wi-Fi Cloud trial license to a Total or Secure Wi-Fi license.

For more information about purchasing a new license, locate a reseller in your area, or contact WatchGuard Sales.
To convert an existing valid Basic Wi-Fi license with Wi-Fi Cloud trial to a full Total or Secure Wi-Fi license, contact WatchGuard Customer Care.

When you renew a license for an AP that was expired and removed from Wi-Fi Cloud:
  • APs will be automatically provisioned back to your Wi-Fi Cloud account in the the original folder location where the AP was located. Note that the default device settings template for the folder will be applied to the AP. If the original location folder of the AP does not exist, it will be placed in the Staging Area folder. 
  • The name of the AP will be reset to the default format (WatchGuard xx:xx:xx). Any custom name you specified for the AP is not retained. 
If you no longer use your APs with Wi-Fi Cloud, you can manage these APs with the Gateway Wireless Controller on a WatchGuard Firebox. For more information, see How to change a Total Wi-Fi or Secure Wi-Fi cloud-managed AP to a Basic Wi-Fi local-managed AP .