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 Regional SKUs for Firebox T40, T80

What are the regional SKU options for Firebox T40, T40-W and T80?
To cut down the waste of shipping four different power cords in each international box, WatchGuard has created SKUs for the Firebox T40, T40-W, and T80 with suffixes to indicate the power plug type. 

Note that the suffix is not restrictive – for instance, though tagged as “AU” for Australia, the Type I plug is also used in China, New Zealand, and Argentina. If your country does not use one of these four plugs, use an adapter with one of these plugs. 
SKU SuffixPlug TypeUsed in regionsPhoto
-USAUS, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Central America, Some countries in South America, Philippines
-UKGUnited Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, some African countries
-EUCEurope, Middle East, Korea, Indonesia, some African countries
-AUIChina, Australia, New Zealand

The Firebox T20 does not have region-specific SKUs. A T20 Firebox shipped outside the United States has a power adapter with blades, and includes four power plugs to connect to the AC power adapter. Use the correct power plug for the power source used in your country.