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 How can I see technical documentation in languages other than English?

How can I see technical documentation in languages other than English?

We provide technical documentation in English for all WatchGuard products. For most WatchGuard products, we localize technical documentation in French, Japanese, and Spanish on a periodic basis. For AuthPoint, in-app technical documentation is available in English and twelve other languages.

ProductTechnical Documentation Languages 
FirewareEnglish (en-us), French (fr-fr), Japanese (ja-jp), and Spanish (es-xl)
WatchGuard CloudEnglish (en-us), French (fr-fr), Japanese (ja-jp), and Spanish (es-xl)
AuthPointEnglish (en-us), French (fr-fr), Japanese (ja-jp), and Spanish (es-xl)
AuthPoint (in-app)English (en-us), French (fr-fr), Spanish (es-xl), Japanese (ja-jp), German (de-de), Italian (it-it), Korean (ko-ko), Dutch (nl-nl), Portuguese Brazil (pt-br), Portuguese European (pt-eu), Thai (th-th), Simplified Chinese  (zh-s), Traditional Chinese (zh-t)
Fireware CLIEnglish (en-us) only
WatchGuard Wi-Fi CloudEnglish (en-us) only
Integration GuidesEnglish (en-us) only
WatchGuard Account HelpEnglish (en-us) only

You can view localized technical documentation in several ways.

Language Menu

To see localized technical documentation in Help Center, click the globe icon  and select a language from the drop-down list.

Browser Settings (Fireware Web UI only)

If you change your browser language to French, Japanese, or Spanish, when you connect to a Firebox, you automatically see a localized UI and documentation.

  1. In your web browser settings, change the language to French, Japanese, Spanish, or any regional variant of these languages.
  2. Log in to Fireware Web UI. The UI text appears in the language that you specified.
  3. To see localized technical documentation, click the question mark symbol .

If you specify an unsupported regional variant of a root language that WatchGuard supports, you still see localized UI text and documentation. For example, if you specify French (Canada), which WatchGuard does not support, you see localized text for French (France), which WatchGuard supports.

Policy Manager Settings

In Windows 10, install one or more language packs:

  1. Select Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language.
  2. In the Preferred Languages section, click Add a Language and select a language.
  3. From the Windows Display Language drop-down list, select the language you added. 
  4. Restart your computer.
    Tip: If you are familiar with only the English-language QWERTY keyboard, you might have trouble typing your credentials if the language you specified has a different keyboard. To change the display language to English, click the language code at the lower right. 
Next, install WatchGuard System Manager:
  1. Run the WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) installer and select a language when you are prompted.
    Tip: If you already installed WSM, uninstall and reinstall it. Select one or more languages during the installation process.
  2. Click the question mark.
    Localized Help appears.
To see localized Fireware Help for older versions of Fireware, see this list.

WatchGuard Cloud 

To see localized documentation from WatchGuard Cloud:
  1. Click Help.
    WatchGuard Help Center appears in English.
  2. Click the globe icon  and select a language.

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