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 URLs used by Panda services

For endpoints and users to connect to Panda Security products, your network must allow connections to the Panda URLs listed below and in the attached text file. 

Note: The attached XLS file provides a comprehensive list of URLs and their permutations.


To allow connections to Panda products and services through the Firebox, add WebBlocker exceptions and blocked sites exceptions for these URLs:
  • *
  • (for Path Management only)
  • * 
  • *
  • *
  • * (for URL filtering and anti-spam protection)
Note: Fireware v11.12 to Fireware v12.5.3 include a default blocked sites exception for * to allow connections from spamBlocker. If your configuration already includes this default exception, you do not have to add it again. 

For more information on how to add WebBlocker exceptions, see About WebBlocker Exceptions.

For more information on how to add blocked sites exceptions, see Create Blocked Sites Exceptions

Domain Name Rules

In addition, we recommend you configure proxies with domain name rules to allow connections to Panda domains. For more information, see HTTPS-Proxy: Domain Name Rules.

All traffic to Panda services uses TCP port 443 (HTTPS, websocket) or 80 (HTTP). Configure your Firebox to allow outbound connections on these ports.

Default exceptions and domain name rules for Panda products and services will be added to a future release of Fireware. For more information on Panda URLs, see this Panda Security Technical Support article.
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