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 Use AuthPoint MFA to protect remote worker connections and credentials

With AuthPoint, you can require users to authenticate with the AuthPoint mobile app or a third-party hardware token when they log in to a protected resource, such as a computer, VPN, or a cloud service or application.

Because the AuthPoint MFA solution requires users to authenticate before they log in, data in your cloud applications and services is protected and your users' credentials stay secure. 

This article provides answers to some frequently asked questions about how to set up and use AuthPoint.
I'm new to AuthPoint. How do I get started?
A great place to get started is the AuthPoint Deployment Guide, which covers all the steps necessary to set up and fully deploy AuthPoint for your users. 

I don't have an AuthPoint license. Can I get a trial license to protect my users?
Yes. To support the need for businesses to keep their data secure during the COVID-19 outbreak, WatchGuard is providing free 60-day licenses to any new AuthPoint user. 

How does AuthPoint licensing work?
AuthPoint is a subscription security service that is licensed per user. To learn more, see About AuthPoint Licenses.

Are there resources to help my end users install AuthPoint on their mobile devices and activate their tokens?
Yes. We have special topics in AuthPoint Help directed to end-users to help them successfully install the AuthPoint mobile app and activate a token. See AuthPoint for End-Users for more information.

How do I use AuthPoint with third-party applications and services?
If you want to integrate AuthPoint with Firebox Mobile VPN technology or Office 365, here are some quick and useful links. Note that that are many more integration guides available in AuthPoint Help.  How do I sync my external users to AuthPoint? 
You can add users to AuthPoint manually, or sync users from an external user database, such as Active Directory, LDAP, or Azure Active Directory. For more information see Add User Accounts or the Sync External Users video tutorial. 

AuthPoint is not working as I expected. Are there any self-service troubleshooting resources available? 
Yes. For common troubleshooting steps, see Troubleshoot AuthPoint for help. If you continue to experience issues, contact WatchGuard Support for assistance.