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 Firebox diagnostic log messages not visible in WatchGuard Cloud

As of 12 December 2019, to improve the performance of Log Manager and Log Search, Firebox diagnostic log messages are no longer visible in WatchGuard Cloud. All other types of log messages (Traffic, Alarm, Event, and Statistic) are not affected by this change and remain visible in WatchGuard Cloud. WatchGuard Cloud continues to store diagnostic log messages sent by a Firebox.

We recommend that you configure your Firebox to send log messages to a Dimension server. Diagnostic log messages are available in Dimension. If you need to troubleshoot an issue, and diagnostic log messages are not available from another source, such as Dimension, you can request these log messages from WatchGuard Technical Support.

To request diagnostic log messages, open a support case and provide this information:
  • Firebox serial number
  • WatchGuard Cloud Account ID
  • Date range of the log messages you want to retrieve
WatchGuard Support will retrieve the specified diagnostic log messages and send them to you in a file.