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 Cookies in use by captive portal splash pages

What cookies are used by Wi-Fi Cloud when a client connects to a captive portal splash page?
Captive portal splash pages that you create and publish with Engage and Analyze in Wi-Fi Cloud use a single "access-token" cookie to maintain the client session with the Analyze service. Wi-Fi Cloud uses internal APIs for any data exchange between the splash page and the Analyze service, The cookie is only used to maintain session information, and does not store any data.
The access-token cookie is set when a guest user accesses the splash page for the first time. The cookie is configured for a time period of 86400 seconds (1 day).

If you configure authentication plug-ins on your splash page for third-party social media authentication (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), these services may use their own cookies for session tracking and data storage. WatchGuard is not responsible for these cookies. See the documentation for the third-party service for detailed information and policies on their usage of cookies.