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 Firebox Cloud throughput and VM sizing

Firebox Cloud runs as a virtual machine in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS environment. The maximum throughput of Firebox Cloud depends on both the Firebox Cloud model, and the VM size.

    Firebox Cloud Models

    For Firebox Cloud with a BYOL license, the model determines the maximum supported throughput rates.
    Model NameFirewall (Gbps)VPN (Gbps)

    For more information about Firebox Cloud model differences, see the Firebox Cloud Data Sheet.

    Virtual Machine Sizes

    The virtual machine size determines the maximum throughput a virtual machine supports. When you deploy Firebox Cloud, choose a virtual machine size that supports the same maximum throughput as your Firebox Cloud model. For a Firebox Cloud model with unrestricted throughput, the maximum throughput depends only on the VM throughput maximum.

    For information about  VM size specifications, see: