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 How do I get help with Panda products?

How do I get help with Panda products?

Which Panda products are available for WatchGuard partners to sell?

As part of the WatchGuard Early Access program for Panda products, WatchGuard partners can sell Panda Adaptive Defense 360 and Panda Advanced Reporting Tool.

How do I activate Panda products?

To activate your Panda product, locate the welcome email you received from Panda after you purchased the product online, and use your email address to create your Panda account. After you create your Panda account, you receive a second email that enables you to validate it.

For more information about the activation process, see the Frequently Asked Questions about Panda Accounts in Panda Cloud products.

How do I get support for Panda products?

For information about how to contact Panda Technical Support, see

To open a ticket to report an issue with your Panda product, use the Panda Technical Support contact form

Panda also provides online Support forums:

Where can I find documentation and training for Panda products?

Comprehensive documentation, online Help, and training is available for Panda products.


To see the available documentation for Panda products, go to Product Documentation.

To download PDF Administration Guides: 

Online Help

To view the Panda Adaptive Defense 360 Help, go to


To get access to online training for Panda products, visit the WatchGuard Learning Center at

Does Panda have a knowledge base?

Yes. You can search the knowledge base from the Panda Support website.

To see knowledge base articles for Panda Adaptive Defense 360, go to

To see knowledge base articles for Panda Advanced Reporting Tool, go to